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Padre Pio and the Lifesong Healing  Ministry


SAINT PADRE PIO's 40 YEAR Connection to the

In 1963,  the Church's most newly recognized (June 16, 2002) Saint, Padre Pio, described a spot of land that would have vast hayfields, trees and a pond with a farmhouse extending into a huge barn including a small hermitage overlooking beautiful mountain views.  This land would be the site of a special Ministry where the Christian LOVE that Jesus so desired would be lived.  He stressed that this location would be a place of prayer and  healing and should be open to all God's children.   The land would be gifted to Lorraine Louvat, a Catholic native of Maine, born with the gifts of healing and of miracles.

At the time that this was revealed to her, Lorraine Louvat was a Novice in France. She had never heard of Padre Pio, this Holy Priest who carried the wounds of Christ on his body.

Due to spiritual matters concerning this young American Novice, the Bishop and her Spiritual Director Priest made an appointment for the three of them to meet with Padre Pio who would assist in her Spiritual Journey.  Permission was granted by the Reverend Mother Superior General and plans were made to travel to Italy.

During that meeting Padre Pio spoke in English but explained to Lorraine that this was one of his gifts.  He was really speaking in Italian and she was hearing him in English, while the Bishop and Priest were hearing him in French.

His hands were hidden by the brown sleeves of his habit and proceeded to explain that he had the wounds of Jesus on his hands.  At one point Padre Pio told her that God was making him know that He wanted Lorraine to place her left thumb and middle finger into the stigmata of his hand which she did and promptly wiped the blood from her hand onto a clean handkerchief. 

The scent of what smelled like flowers of an aroma  she had never experienced led her to inquire about this exquisite fragrance.  He simply and humbly  explained that this was another of his gifts  Later she washed the handkerchief  not realizing that it would have been a first class relic of this most Holy Saint who was just Canonized on June 16th.

At one point in the conversation, Padre Pio, asked Lorraine if she would like to receive confession.  She was delighted to do so in English as her confessor only spoke French.  She had not heard English for two years and was not proficient in speaking the French language.  Padre Pio explained that he had yet another gift of READING SOULS but told her that if she felt more comfortable in doing so he would hear her confession in the normal manner.  Lorraine was overjoyed to have this great grace of a General Confession through his giftedness.  She felt the deep grace of this most precious Sacrament.

Things were explained to the Bishop, Priest and Lorraine.  Other things were just for Lorraine's ears and not heard by them.  Personal things that she would be facing and how to surmount obstacles of various types were clearly described.  Having had such vast experience Padre Pio knew the answers to the 19 questions posed by the Bishop as well as how to deal with the road ahead. 

Lorraine felt very blessed in the presence of this kindly man.  It was a feeling of overwhelming peace and such deep joy to realize that this Monk actually knew her thoroughly without ever having met her before.  He knew that she was born with the gift of healing and miracles and the purpose for this gift which would manifest itself in its fullness at a time later in life.  She had not revealed to anyone but her Spiritual Director the gifts that God had given her although throughout her life she made use of them as she prayed for people.  

God made it known to Lorraine that she was born with the gift when she was four years old.  He also made her know that she was not to approach people until He would make it known to her that it was time for her to do His Work in public.  She knew that her vocation was love and the desire to bring all people to Jesus burned in her heart.  To let them know that He loves them so much was her soul's desire.  And the gift of healing would prove to be a very powerful tool from heaven as it would capture the attention of the individual being healed as well as the onlooker.  No one would mistake the source of the healing gift as all focus would be on Jesus.   It would powerfully serve as an awakening of God's children and speak loudly about His mercy and love.

Lorraine, the Bishop and Priest listened as Padre Pio expanded upon that which would come in the future.  She didn't know how this would all come to pass as she was about to make her first vows and from there would become a Missionary in Africa.  It all sounded very mysterious.  Lorraine found the deeper mystery to be that she felt a profound clarity and peace through the spiritual direction of Padre Pio.  He exclaimed that it was refreshing for him to meet someone who had never heard of him as he had the world constantly knocking at his door. 

It was then that he described the spot of land that had already been chosen by our Heavenly Father. All those who would be part of the Ministry or Religious Community or even help in some way had already been hand-picked by God to do His work.  People would come to the land in pilgrimage to be touched by the healing Power of Jesus.  He told of an extraordinary number of healings that would take place in the Ministry when God would choose to get Lorraine out into the public eye for the purpose of bringing His Love into the spotlight.  And it has happened and continues to happen wherever she goes.  All this would give great glory to God.  Lorraine explains that she does not heal, has no powers, no energies and no abilities to heal. She repeats to every audience that the ONLY HEALER at LIFESONG is Jesus.  She goes on to tell people that her payment is a hug and to thank God in their own way.  It's all about LOVE and is very humbling for her to watch as He instantly heals His people over and over again.

As mentioned by Padre Pio, Lorraine did return to the United States.  This is another story which leads into a deeper understanding of how God moves people in ways of His Holy Will and His Perfect Plan, but due to its length, it is not included here.

In the United States, she spent much of her life as being what she calls a "prayer hermit" until 5 years ago when God let her know that it was now time to go out in the public.  Lorraine is consistent in saying that we must listen to the whispers of God as He speaks to us in many ways but we oftentimes miss the message because people are waiting to hear His voice or looking for some miraculous manifestation by way of a vision or locution or other form of phenomena.  In reality God speaks to us clearly and very simply, as when her Pastor requested that she offer the gift every month in her Parish church.  She then went to Bishop Joseph Gerry who allowed her to go forward with this Ministry of Healing, as well as in view of founding a Religious Community. 

Lorraine tells us that this is how God most often speaks to His People and it is for us to be very attentive to His whispers, to clearly discern His Will and then to move through obedience.  The Ministry and Community  is now in its infancy and open to lay people, married or single and does not exclude Priests or Religious.  However every person accepted must exhibit the spiritual charisms of LIFESONG which are love, humility and simplicity.  The Eucharist, Divine Mercy and Our Lady are the main devotions.  Saints Joseph, Teresa of Avila, Therese de Lisieux, Padre Pio and the Infant Jesus of Prague are looked at with great trust and guidance for the firmness of a deep spiritual foundation and balance so necessary in the journey at LIFESONG.  Lorraine of Jesus moves ahead, always in total obedience to her Bishop.

The land was given to her in a twenty minute telephone conversation with Mr. Ken Pianko who explained that he had attended one of her healing services in the local church.  Not long after that conversation he purchased the land one morning and handed Lorraine the key that afternoon. Ken had been searching for years to enter a religious community but nothing appealed to him until he heard of LIFESONG.  Here he experienced something very different.  Ken knew that this is where he belonged as Lorraine described the Community as being a place where the Gospel would be lived according to the Love of Jesus.  He believed that LIFESONG was the place for him.    His earthly journey was fascinating and inspiring, in itself, a great story for another time.   Ken died of cancer on Divine Mercy Sunday.  Just days before his death he told Lorraine, "I will be your first Community Member in eternity."  Ken was 52 years old.

This generous gift for God's Work was a blessing and a mystery.  How would she ever pay for the upkeep, the lights, the taxes and all that entails that which is necessary to start and maintain these huge buildings and 100 acres of property?  Being a "prayer hermit" Lorraine did not and still does not have any type of income as prayer and healing is always free.  Somehow for the last three years God has provided.  She calls this Divine Providence. 

Lorraine found it quite astounding to see the layout of the land and buildings just as Padre Pio had described even to the tiny touch of her very own "hermitage" nestled in the adjacent hayfield.  There was however one missing piece to the puzzle.  The Beautiful mountains of Baxter State Park were the backdrop of this hilltop acreage, but water was nowhere to be seen.  She wondered about this as the words of Padre Pio were as crystal clear as they had been 40 years ago.  He specifically said that there would be water.  Nevertheless, she continued her LIFESONG HEALING MINISTRY and named the land LIFESONG.  This name holds a story of its own and carries a deeper underlying meaning.

One day as she was walking across the field, she literally fell waist deep in water.  It was a natural spring fed pond which was not recognizable as it was full of vegetation.  She laughed delightedly and praised God for now she knew that Padre Pio had not made a mistake. Last fall, a local firm excavated (gratis) the bottom, resulting in a beautiful pond which is now forty feet in diameter.  The unusual aspect of the pond is that there is no sand, clay or earth. It is naturally bottomed with shale and the water has been blessed by a Priest.  It reflects the beautiful trees, skies and sunsets.

Lorraine of Jesus stays at the church or location of the healing service for as long as there are people to be served.    She always says, "In the name of Jesus be healed."  Some are immediately healed of physical ailments.  In her Ministry the healing gift is as intense for 3 days and nights following that initial touch of her hand.  Therefore, people have claimed that Jesus healed them driving home, that night or three days later.  Others are healed over a period of time as they return to have her touch them in prayer again and again.  She encourages people to be perseverant in prayer as is told to us in Scripture.

People experience physical healings, emotional healing, spiritual healing, receive jobs, relationship healing, relief from financial difficulties.  Others are not healed as she explains that God does not choose to heal every single person.  There are reasons for this and one of them is Redemptive Suffering.  The intensity of her gift is very profound and people who attend the LIFESONG healing services experience seeing one miracle after the other. Lorraine repeats over and over again in various ways that it is all about God's Love and our Love response back to Him. This is what is most important to God.  She goes on to say that everything in the manner in which Jesus chooses to heal or not to heal people is very mysterious.  All we can do is to come to Him as little children and know that whatever He does is done in love.  All people present receive a special grace from God as they personally witness the manifestation of His Love for them, their family and friends through His Compassionate Hand.

Lorraine knows that this gift of healing serves as a tool to bring many back to the Father through the unmistakable touch of Jesus.  She says that in her Ministry people can see, feel and experience the LOVE of God through the manifestation of healings.  If the healing happens to an individual while she is singing and playing the guitar, reading Scripture of touching them in prayer, there is a deeper healing taking place on the spiritual level.  Many who are not healed but experience seeing instant healings of their friends and relatives are awakened to the reality of God's Love.  It allows Jesus to touch them with His Grace and it becomes a personal journey between that individual and God.  The type of healing service matches Lorraine's personality which is of a contemplative nature, therefore this very low keyed service allows God to speak an provides the silence necessary for people to hear His whispers.

As Maine Catholics, we are indeed fortunate to have been blessed with a holy site.  Many who come to LIFESONG attest to being cured after walking on the land.  It is a common thing to have strangers drop into the chapel or prayer room where Lorraine touches them in prayer and off they go healed and praising God.  She just asks fo a "hug" and for them to "thank God in their own way". A beautiful bronzed corpus of the crucified Lord graces the property as does a centuries old St. Joseph and Child statue. The 24 foot illuminated Cross of Dozule, France is magnificient.

LIFESONG was chosen as the first US Shrine of the Miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague.  While there are many Shrines to the Infant Jesus of Prague throughout the U.S. this was told to be specifically chosen by Jesus Himself through a special ministry initiated at the Shrine in Prague.  It is documented in the Archives of Prague as being in the Diocese of Portland, Maine at LIFESONG and this unique, exact replica statue made just for LIFESONG was a gift to Lorraine by the head Carmelite Monk at the Shrine in Prague.  For this, Lorraine had to acquire permission from her Bishop Joseph Gerry.

According to what was related to us it is the 9th Shrine established through that special ministry which began at the request of Jesus two years ago.   The statue of the Miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague was enshrined at LIFESONG.  It was hand carried all the way from Prague by the appointed bearer of the Infant Jesus of Prague.  Those who do not have funds to make a Pilgrimage to Prague may now come to LIFESONG as this replica carries the same special miraculous blessings from HOLY MOTHER CHURCH as the one in Prague.  

LIFESONG is in need of your time and talent.  If you can give a helping hand at any time during the year please contact Lorraine by e-mail ...


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Please Note: Because Prayer and Healing are always free in this Ministry we depend totally upon financial love gifts from those who seek to help us keep it alive for Jesus. No gift is to small. Your generosity is appreciated. Checks should be made payable to Lorraine Louvat and mailed to: LORRAINE LOUVAT, 737 GOLDEN RIDGE ROAD, SHERMAN, MAINE 04776 U.S.A.